Lesson Plan 3

 Concept Attainment


Subject      : Mathematics

Level   : Grade 3

Topic         : Money Problem Equation

Time    : 45 minutes

Class size        : 24 students


Mathematical symbol pictures , some pictures that are not related to math for the “no” column ,scotch tape, board marker, icons of happy face and sad fact. Textbook

Instructional Objectives:

By the end of the class, students will be able to:1. Identify the main concept of money equation3. Learn important facts about money equationIntroduction:The lesson is about Money Equation. The teacher is going to use new strategy called Concept Attainment. The teacher is going to test the knowledge of the students about the general facts of money equation by helping and organizing their thoughts using some pictures that help them to guess the concept of the lesson.

Pre-Analysis of Concept 

Enumerate the symbols needed for money equation

Name of the concept         :           Money Problem Equation

Main essential attribute of Money Equation concept. Like $1.00 is equal to 3 dimes, + 3 quarters + 5 pennies. (+, -, =, $, x, . sings)

Non-essential attributes like: star, crocodile, division symbol, and triangle shape

Basic Rule: An Equation says that two things are equal. Equation has “equal” (=) sign. And two sides on either side of “equal” (=) sign are equal. Example:  3 dimes – 2 nickels + 12 pennies   = $.32           .30   –   .10         + .12           = $.32 

Examples to be utilized

(3 x .10) – (2 x .05) + (12 x .01)     = $.32

Basic mathematical symbols are needed in solving money equation. “Yes” examples Pictures of mathematical symbols such us plus sign, dollar sign, decimal point, equal sign and parentheses “No” examples. Various pictures that are not related to the topic such as star, triangle, crocodile and division sign.


Teacher’s Activity Students’ Activity
Phase 1. Presentation of data and  identification of the concept

1. Procedure

Teacher greets the students.

      “Good afternoon class. Today we are going to have an interesting activity. I have here a sad face and a happy face. I want you to guess an idea that I have in mind. The happy face is for the YES answers and the sad face is for the NO answers.




Students response happily and politely.


Students look excited to participate.


2. Focus statement

”This activity does not require talking. Please don’t talk to your seatmates. I just want you to think silently so you can guess the concept that I have in my mind. ”

3. Teacher presents the pictures.

   “I want you to think what is common in the YES column and in the NO column.”

Students listen attentively.


Students think critically.

4. Teacher asks the students to start  thinking about the concept while   giving more examples.

“I want you to show me your thumbs up if your answer is YES and show your thumbs down if your answer is NO. Also,

try to form an idea through the examples I am posting for you to guess the content I have in mind.”



Students are thinking and contemplating by showing their answers through non-verbal response.

Phase 2 – Testing the concept  attainment

5.Teacher presents additional examples and asks students to name the concept.

“Anyone can guess what the concept is now?

6. Teacher asks for a basic signs or symbols based on the essential attributes.

 “What are the signs or symbols do we need in solving in money equation?”

Students eagerly express what is in their minds.




Students enumerate the symbols that are needed in money equation.

7. Teacher asks students to give their own example.

“Now, can you think of some more examples that you can contribute to our content. Can you draw them on the board?



Several students volunteer to draw additional examples they have in mind


Phase 3 – Analysis of thinking strategies

8. Teacher asks the students to describe  their thinking process used to discover the concept.

“Let me ask you, what comes to your mind when you first saw the examples I have pasted on the board? What makes able to guess the concept I have in mind?”

“I am happy that you were able to guess the concept of our lesson for today. Remember the important facts you need to do in money equation.”







Students express their feelings and ideas about the content.



  1. Practice page 255.
  2. Prepare for a board work recitation next meeting.

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